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If an oil tank is detected, Speedy Solutions will issue a tank removal quote at no extra cost.

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Up until the 1960’s, most Vancouver homes relied on oil for their heating needs by way of oil storage tanks that were installed above ground or underground. When Vancouver homes began to switch to natural gas furnaces, many of these oil tanks were left to decompose rather than drained and removed.

If not decommissioned properly, over time these underground oil tanks can begin to leak oil. This represents a possible fire hazard or risk of ground collapse due to reduced structural integrity from tank corrosion. The leaked oil can contaminate soil and water in the area, creating a potential liability for homeowners and/or buyers interested in the property.

At Speedy Solutions, we have safely extracted hundreds of oil tanks. We offer the following services to Vancouver homeowners:

Oil Tank Scan

If you are buying a property and simply not sure if there is a buried oil tank on there, we provide peace of mind with our thorough oil tank detection service – including same-day documentation.

Oil Tank Removal

Low impact is our motto when it comes to oil tank removal. We pride ourselves on getting the work done in a timely fashion while minimizing the need for costly repairs to your property afterwards.

Soil Remediation

If an oil tank has leaked, some soil remediation and removal may be required. We work closely with all our clients to thoroughly explain the process, ensuring that a clean site is achieved.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Oil Tank Scanning?
An oil tank scan or oil tank detection is for assessing if your property has an underground oil tank.
If you’re unsure whether there is a tank in your backyard, Arts Speedy Solutions is here to help you perform a professional oil tank scan.

Why do I have an underground oil tank on my property?
Prior to 1975, residential homes around Vancouver used oil tanks to produce heat. Eventually the city switched to using natural gas, and that’s why today many homes still have old underground oil tanks. Underground storage tanks are generally 1 meter below ground and are difficult to discover on your own, so it’s best to use an oil tank scan service like Arts Speedy Solutions.

How do I know if there is a buried oil tank in my backyard?
If you see a vent line outside your house or a fill pipe in the ground, they may be a sign of there being an underground storage tank on your property. However it is best to ask for a professional to perform an oil tank scan so that you can have peace of mind.

What happens during an oil tank detection?
Art and his trusty team will use magnetic locators to scan your property for signs of an underground oil storage tank. Any major debris or obstructions should be removed so Art can perform the oil tank scan efficiently and accurately.

How long does an oil tank scan take?
An oil tank scan generally takes 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Does Arts Speedy Solutions provide same day oil tank scans?
Yes, we provide same day or next day service for your oil tank scan in Vancouver, Burnaby and more – just give us a call and we’ll find the best time that works for you!

Tank you, and please let us know if you have any other questions!

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