Speedy Solutions is a family-operated oil tank removal company with over 20 years of experience serving Vancouver customers. Our goal is pretty simple, to put the needs of our customers first. We strive to get the project done right and on time, while continually looking for ways to save you money.

We are licensed and insured and in great standing with WorkSafeBC and BBB. We work closely with Vancouver city and fire departments to ensure all work is completed to meet their requirements.

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Up until the 1960’s, most Vancouver homes relied on oil for their heating needs by way of oil storage tanks that were installed above ground or underground. When Vancouver homes began to switch to natural gas furnaces, many of these oil tanks were left to decompose rather than drained and removed.

If not decommissioned properly, over time these underground oil tanks can begin to leak oil. This represents a possible fire hazard or risk of ground collapse due to reduced structural integrity from tank corrosion. The leaked oil can contaminate soil and water in the area, creating a potential liability for homeowners and/or buyers interested in the property.

At Speedy Solutions, we have safely extracted hundreds of oil tanks. We offer the following services to Vancouver homeowners:

Oil Tank Scan

If you are buying a property and simply not sure if there is a buried oil tank on there, we provide peace of mind with our thorough oil tank detection service – including same-day documentation.

Oil Tank Removal

Low impact is our motto when it comes to oil tank removal. We pride ourselves on getting the work done in a timely fashion while minimizing the need for costly repairs to your property afterwards.

Soil Remediation

If an oil tank has leaked, some soil remediation and removal may be required. We work closely with all our clients to thoroughly explain the process, ensuring that a clean site is achieved.


If you’re unsure whether an oil tank exists on your property or the property you’re planning to purchase, we’d be glad to send a trained technician to perform a scan. If we do not detect a tank, then we will issue a Tank Scan Certificate that states there was no evidence found of a tank on the property.

If a tank is detected, Speedy Solutions will issue a tank removal quote at no charge to the property owner. This is a fixed price quote (not an estimate) of how much it would cost to safely remove the tank and its contents, and have mandatory soil testing performed.

We’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss the oil tank removal process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to the most common questions we get from Vancouver homeowners about oil tank removal.

How much does oil tank removal cost in Vancouver?

The cost of removing your oil tank can vary. It is dependent on several factors such as location of the tank on the property (e.g. under the lawn, beneath concrete or below a deck), accessibility for our equipment, as well as the size and contents of the tank. It’s best to call us so we can better understand your situation and provide you with a detailed and accurate quote. 

Do I have to remove an underground oil tank?

While the sale of your property is usually the number one reason for oil tank removal, there are other reasons to consider. There are dangers of having an oil tank that has been in the ground for a long time. The oil tank could become structurally unsound and prone to collapse. If oil has been left in the tank, then the potential of leakage will increase over time, which poses health and/or safety risks and increases the chance of costly cleanup. Removing your oil tank allows you to better comply with local government regulations. The City of Vancouver bylaw requires that out-of-service underground oil storage tanks be removed and that all contaminated soil be removed and replaced with clean fill. Finally, removing your oil tank proactively means not having to run into problems when selling your home in the future, or when renewing your mortgage or insurance policies. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy peace of mind without wondering what lies beneath the ground.

Does homeowners insurance cover oil tank removal?

In our experience, most home insurance policies do not offer oil tank protection. Most insurers will not re-insure your home if it is found that you have an oil tank on the property.

Can I sell my house with an underground oil tank?

Most real estate professionals do not recommend selling or buying a property with an underground oil tank because of the unknown condition of the tank or the surrounding soil, and most lenders will not finance/mortgage a property with an underground oil tank.

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Hired Speedy to deal with soil after a U/G oil tank had been removed years prior. Soil tested positive and the ordeal began! Area of concern was under a recently built deck/ramp (which had to be supported & partially taken down) with access from a back lane (next to a carport) through a veggie garden and a rockery! Art and his team (Tanner was great) dealt with this methodically with minimal disruption to the back yard. They had to use smaller equipment and build a sturdy ramp, strong enough for the small excavator, electric Dumper and over 100 Ton of contaminated soil! The job was completed successfully and the yard looks better than prior to the Soil Removal! Art was competent, readily available and professional at all times. Price was even less than I expected! Would rate Arts Speedy Solutions as a 10/10.


Hello, for those that are taking the necessary steps to find whether you may have an old buried tank on your property, your first process is to find an excellent and reliable company who is knowledgeable in the industry and with “Art’s Speedy Solutions” I’ve found it. Art, the proprietor of “Speedy Solutions” is a friendly and dependable contractor who made the process simple by giving a straight and honest evaluation with just facts and made the experience pleasant during an anxious time. Make the right choice and call Art for your “tank removal” requirements.


We contacted 5 companies to inquire about an oil tank scan on a Saturday. Art’s Speedy Solutions was the only company willing to perform the task on a Saturday. He was very easy to communicate with through phone call and text. Despite our need to push the inspection out another week, he was able to work with us and kept in communication with us throughout the process.


We needed to book the oil tank scan with a short notice because of our subject removal date. I called many companies and Art was very quick in responding back and accommodated us on such a short notice. He was very professional and provided us the report also within few hours of inspection. I would definitely recommend Art’s name for any work related to Oil tank. Thanks.


Art was great. If you want something done ask a busy man. Art has a busy business but completed the job efficiently. He came in on budget and at a lower cost than we were expecting. Arthur tried to reduce the costs where he could and was very careful to cause as little disruption as possible. He cleaned up our yard very nicely.. I would recommend Arthur without reservation.


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